Our Story

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ZigZagZurich is a new lifestyle brand founded and based in Switzerland in 2013. Our fundamental interest in off–stream and our passion for design led us to looking at the ready made home textiles and accessories market and thinking what is missing from it today.

As demand grows for more art and design and less mass commerce in products, ZigZagZurich is a place for consumers who appreciate originality, quality and good design. We offer consumers a new way to enjoy art whilst supporting artists and discovering new talent with a range of home textiles and accessories produced from the finest luxury materials without the luxury price tag. 

ZigZagZurich Rolls of Fabric


ZigZagZurich was the brainchild of two people from two different backgrounds, design and technology with one shared vision – to bring a new dimension into home textiles powering the design community with a fresh business approach embracing social and ecological aspects at the same time.  

The founders of ZigZagZurich worked for over 25 years in the luxury decor and textile industry from where they developed a passion for unconventional design and innovative production techniques with fabrics. During this time they produced one off textile concepts for art installations and high-end luxury projects around the globe. Working on these projects they began to see fabric just like any piece of art, and soon their clients began to believe the same.

The founders had a strong appreciation for the creative ideas behind the textiles they worked on and the craftsmanship of the production, and felt this was missing in the home textile market. With a passion for different techniques and inspiring people they founded ZigZagZurich.

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ZigZagZurich sees itself as part of the art and design community. Through ZigZagZurich consumers can discover new artists and follow their work outside of ZigZagZurich, exposing the artists to a large and receptive audience. It is important to us that we work in a positive way with the art community, using high quality materials and traditional production techniques and working closely with them during the design and production process.

We work with artists from a broad spectrum covering fine art, digital, illustration, avant-garde and more. By adopting this approach, we ensure there is a wide range of creative ideas and inspiration, and thus bring lots of fresh ideas into the ready-made home fabric industry.

With very different backgrounds, and working in different ways, its interesting to see how each artist translates their work into the medium of textile, and transforms it into something that people will love. There is a strong sense of the artists work in each design, whilst still retaining a connection with the skills of traditional textile design.

ZigZagZurich Sewing


ZigZagZurich is a vertically integrated producer of textiles and accessories.   By controlling the chain of supply from raw materials to finished goods, we are able to offer locally manufactured products that use the finest materials and finishes, combining unique designs and collections, whilst offering our customers true value for money.

Our main production in Italy mean we have direct control over what we produce, how it is produced and under what social and environmental conditions our goods are manufactured.  We use the finest Egyptian Italian cottons and European linens to produce our textiles from in a range of weaves.  Our yarn dyed textiles are coloured before they are woven given an incredible depth of colour.  We weave our Alpaca Wool in sustainable mills. Our bed linens and textiles are hand finished, using artisan levels of confection and finishing, normally found on products costing two or three times more.

As we say, our products are Lovingly Made in Italy. 

How We Work With Our Artists – A Hand in Hand Approach

Initial Portfolio Discussion

We look at the artists work, and how it could translate onto textiles.

Design and Concept Selection

We focus on the pieces we want to produce with the artists with our curation team globally

Design Development

We work with the artists on refining the artwork for production. This includes work pattern, color way testing and taking hand drawn art Onto digital platforms for production

Product Development

With the final art in hand, we work as a team to decide what fabrics the art should go on and What Format e.g. Bed linens, Blankets, Curtains and more.


Our experienced team controls the production to assure highest quality. Thats starts with sourcing the qualities of yarns and fabrics, Evaluating Production Techniques and logistically manage the production and deliveries. We produce nearly all our products in Italy meaning we have control over how its produced.

The Artist’s launch

Our goal is to highlight our artists work and the story behind them. We do not want to hide away our designers like most brands, we believe the artist comes first, That is why every piece of work created is attributed to the person who designed it.

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